The Center for Media and Citizenship collaborates with a number of organizations  both on and off the University Grounds: professional, cooperative relationships which help make it possible to create the unique suite of programs, projects and classes that we offer.

The Department of Media Studies,
College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at The University of Virginia

The offices and media lab of the Center for Media and Citizenship are located with the Department of Media Studies in Wilson Hall, College of Arts and Sciences, at the University of Virginia. We are proud to enjoy a strong, collaborative and professional relationship with the scholars, students and staff at the University. All of our programs, projects and classes are closely coordinated with the work of the Department of Media Studies.

The Charlottesville Newsplex

The Center for Media and Citizenship enjoys a strong collaboration with the award-winning team of journalists and broadcasters at the Charlottesville Newsplex, Central Virginia’s CBS-FOX-ABC affiliate organization. This partnership not only makes it possible to offer our students unique and exciting off-Grounds learning opportunities in a professional media environment, but also allows us to create any number of all-new television programs that bring the Center’s programs and projects to much wider audiences. The Charlottesville Newsplex hosts all production for The Coy Barefoot Program, a project of the Center, which is current broadcast each Sunday morning at 10am on ABC 16 and Thursday evenings at 9pm on WVPT-PBS.

WVPT Public Television

Since 1968, WVPT has been the Shenandoah Valley and Central Virginia’s public television station. But that’s just scratching the surface. WVPT is also a classroom, a concert hall, a conference center, a college, and a library of the airwaves. WVPT is one of the most accessible educational institutions in the region, utilizing the power of broadcasting to help carry out its mission of education, culture, and citizenship for everyone within its reach. The Center for Media and Citizenship is proud to partner with WVPT, which broadcasts The Coy Barefoot Program each Thursday evening at 9pm.

WTJU Radio

Launched in 1955 on Grounds at the University of Virginia, WTJU is one of the most well-known and celebrated college radio stations in America. It continues to offer an eclectic mix of rock, jazz, classical and folk music to a loyal and dedicated fan base. WTJU is the home production studio for Citizens Band Radio, the flagship podcast of the Center for Media and Citizenship. WTJU and its sister station, the student-run WXTJ, are both proud to broadcast Citizens Band Radio each week.

WPVC 94.7 FM

WPVC began operations in Charlottesville, Virginia in the Fall of 2015 as a non-profit project headed by Co-founders Jeff Lenert and Rod Howard. When the FCC awarded WPVC its construction permit, Mr. Howard became the first African-American in Charlottesville to hold a FCC license. WPVC is committed to its mission to make the public airwaves truly public by reaching out to traditionally under-served communities in Charlottesville. WVPC is proud to broadcast “The Citizens’ Band Radio Hour,” the podcast of the Center for Media and Citizenship, which is produced each week and hosted by Coy Barefoot.

WUVA Online

The University of Virginia’s WUVA radio station has been student-owned and operated since 1947. In recent years, WUVA Online has become a powerful, web-based news brand in itself, home to some of the most enterprising and talented student journalists. The Center for Media and Citizenship collaborates with the student team at WUVA as well as with the organization’s many dedicated alumni who are committed to ensuring that WUVA continues to be a home for some of the very best student journalism at Virginia.

BRIworks, Ting, TuCows

Blue Ridge Internetworks is a subsdiary of Ting Mobile and Tucows, the internationally recognized Internet and telecommunications company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. BRIworks was an early affiliate and supporter of the Center for Media and Citizenship and its mission to deepen our understanding of the principles of civic life in a rapidly changing media environment. TuCows also supports the Center’s pedagogical mission to create unique learning opportunities for our students.

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