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Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer

March 11, 2016

Michael SignerThe most recent episode of The Coy Barefoot Program is now available online in our Media Projects Gallery. Coy talks with Charlottesville, Virginia Mayor, author and scholar Mike Signer. Signer has the latest details on the high-rise Landmark Hotel project on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall: a controversial eyesore that has been sitting unfinished and largely abandoned for many years. He also explores what critics have called the “over-building” of Charlottesville’s West Main Street, which has seen an onslaught of new high-rise privately-owned dormitory projects catering to UVA students. An attorney with a PhD in Political Science,Signer is the author of Demagogue: The Fight to Save Democracy from its Worst Enemies. He also takes time to discuss the book and speaks quite candidly about the possible Republican nomination of Donald Trump for President. Signer’s op-eds have been recently been published in the Washington Post expressing grave concerns about Trump’s candidacy. Is Donald Trump a demagogue? What exactly does that mean, and why should Americans care?