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Brian Cannon and Andrea Douglas

April 1, 2016

Andrea Douglas

The latest episode of The Coy Barefoot Program is now available online. Coy talks with Brian Cannon, the Executive Director of OneVirginia2021 about one of the most enduring, insidious forms of political corruption that is alive and well in Virginia: gerrymandering. Brian’s statewide organization is pushing to finally bring an end to gerrymandering in the Commonwealth. To what extent does gerrymandering cripple the possibility of competitive elections and prevent us from having an open, free market of ideas in our political process? And worse, how does gerrymandering corrupt the very ideals on which America defines itself? Don’t miss this very important conversation. Coy also talks with Dr. Andrea Douglas (at left), the Executive Director of the African-American Heritage Center at Charlottesville’s historic Jefferson School. They explore how the story of slavery and civil rights is tied to ideas of education and public spaces in the broader history of the American South.