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Jamie Graham and Chip Harding

March 25, 2016

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The most recent episode of The Coy Barefoot Program is now available online. Twenty-five years ago this week, federal, state and local law enforcement agents conducted a drug raid on three fraternity houses at the University of Virginia.  The result of months of undercover investigation, the sting resulted in the arrests of eleven students. Some drug paraphernalia, a few bags of marijuana and a few doses of LSD were found. One of those young men, an Echols Scholar A-average student, was Jamie Graham, who served nearly a year in federal prison for having sold $5 worth of LSD to an undercover police officer. Jamie Graham (who later graduated from UVA and now works as a Social Worker in inner-city Philadelphia) joins Coy on the program to remember what it was like to be at the epicenter of the nation’s War on Drugs in “Operation Equinox.” The raid was covered live on television:  literally staged to send a message to the African-American community that the drug war was being waged fairly, regardless of race or class. Albemarle County Sheriff Chip Harding also joins the interview. A narcotics agent at the time, Harding helped to organize and lead Operation Equinox, and was one of the men who put Jamie Graham behind bars. This is the first time they have ever appeared together in an interview. (photo by Hawes Spencer).